With years and years of experience in the real estate investment in Metro Vancouver and the surrounding area, Mani Ayoughi is an expert when it comes to buying, selling and investment properties in Metro Vancouver. When you leave it to Mani to find your dream home, you can expect nothing but meticulousness, punctuality, flexibility, and downright perfection. His great attention to details and his long years of experience in the Metro Vancouver realtors market make Mani one of the most sought after realtors in Metro Vancouver. What makes Mani stand out from all the other realtors in Metro Vancouver is his precision, warm personality, and network. He makes it his personal mission to find out exactly what is it that his clients need/are looking for the most, find a property that satisfies those needs, and deliver it to his clients.

Attention To Details

As the saying goes, “the devil’s in the details,” This is one of Mani’s favorite quotes in life. He thinks that his services can only be perfected if he takes into consideration every little need and desire of his clients before continuing to exceed them all. And that is the reason why he has a long track of happy clients with big smiles on their face because Mani was able to sell/buy properties for them in a way that ticked their every box.


“My wife and I had very strict requirements when it came to our dream home. To an outsider, some of these requirements would even sound conflicting. At some point, we had lost all our hope because we couldn’t even convey our vision to the realtors, let alone find a home that matched those qualifications. Then, a friend introduced us to Mani and we, dare I say reluctantly, set an appointment with him. Meeting him felt like a miracle. He realized exactly what we were looking for within the first 20 minutes. He even painted a better picture of what we were looking for than we could do ourselves. The next step, which was actually finding a house, appeared to be more difficult. But then again, he took no time to land us a deal that was reasonably priced and met every single one of our criteria. We couldn’t be this happy with our home without Mani,” Jules Tyson

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Keeping in touch with some of the most influential people in the real estate market in Metro Vancouver provides Mani with an infinite supply of new deals, diverse houses and properties in Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Metro Vancouver that are bound to be the perfect match for at least one of his clients. When asked about the components to his success, Mani always mentions his social circle in the top 5. These connections give him the chance to help his clients benefit from the full spectrum of the real estate market in Metro Vancouver, he believes.

Negotiation Is Key

As a realtor, one of the key factors to Mani’s long list of happy clients is his negotiation skills. Being able to bring people’s different desires to life, making them see the things that they want but are unaware of themselves is the single most important reason why he is able to offer both the seller and buyer a deal that is too good to refuse, according to Mani himself. And this negotiation is something that is noticed by many of Mani’s clients who have previously tried to purchase a property in British Columbia.

“I don’t know how he did it. But Mani had one chat with the previous, very strict, stubborn owner and changed his mind about the price of the house entirely! Aside from helping me purchase the house at a reasonable price, which I’m still grateful for the amazing deal he got me, he truly inspired me to improve my own negotiation skills as a person.” Bob Richardson

All in all, Mani is a realtor with great care for customer satisfaction, who has the means to get you your dream home in Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Metro Vancouver without wasting your time or money. He has expanded his area of practice to Richmond and New Westminster recently, and he is ready to give you the house you always wanted. If you’re interested in purchasing a house in Metro Vancouver and the surrounding area, or if you’re a seller looking to find the best deal for your property, you can fill out the form below or use our contact info to keep in touch with us.

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