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Purchasing a property has never been easier

Buying a house is a tricky task nowadays. Especially with the current increase in demand and the low supply available. Thankfully, this post is designed to give you a guide when it comes to purchasing properties. So let’s learn about some of the steps you should take when you decide you want to buy a house in Vancouver.



Depending on how organized you are, this might take anywhere from one day to a couple of months. This is the hardest part of the deal, but once you figure it out, the rest of your journey will be smooth sailing.

In order to have an all-inclusive approach to your financial status, you should consider the following:

  1. Your income: including your salary, wages, tips, bounces, dividends, interest, etc.
  2. Debt: any existing mortgage, school loan, vehicle loan, credit cards and lines of credit.
  3. Savings: take both accessible and inaccessible savings into consideration. What assets can you liquefy, your saving and checking accounts, and so on.
  4. Monthly expenditures
  5. Credit reports

After doing these, you’re officially done with the most difficult step of the way. So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back.


Before diving head first into the market, you should consider who can really help you. This is where Mani comes in. He knows his way around the real estate market in Vancouver and the surrounding area and can help you find the best deal for you. Also, if you’re planning on borrowing money from a lender, this is a good time to get started on doing that.


Mani Ayoughi has a special talent when it comes to recognizing client desires and finding a house that features said desires. Before meeting with him however, there are some features to your “dream house” that you should be aware of. Features such as location, square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms, style and layout, the lot, and many more. Be prepared to answer questions about these topics before meeting with Mani, or any other realtor you decide to work with.


Let the fun part begin! This is the time you visit houses, comment about them, make fun of them, and most importantly, fall in love with them. One of the best feelings you’ll experience during this step is finding “the one”, the house of your dreams. Having painted a clear picture of how this house looks like to Mani before the house hunting begins will help him a lot in bringing “the one” to you sooner than later.


Now, it’s time to write an offer letter and send it to the seller. This is especially a time in which having the expertise of someone as experienced as Mani is going to make things easy for you. With extensive experience in the real estate market in Vancouver and the surrounding area, he can help you make an offer that will both leave you and the seller satisfied.


Even when trying to come up with the perfect offer, both sides might end up not being on the same page. That is where we put our negotiation skills to use. This will ensure that neither you, nor the seller is leaving money on the table.


This is where you finalize the deal, making that beautiful house yours once and for all. But first, you should take some safety measures just in case.

  1. Have the property inspected. This means you’ll have professionals examining the house structure. They look for water damage, molding, bad wiring, etc. Deals may be contingent upon the outcome of the inspection.
  2. Get insured. This is an extremely important part and should not be taken for the faint of heart.


Finally! The last step. This is the first “real” time in the process of getting your dream home. So take advantage of it and enjoy it as much as you can!

Mani is a realtor with great care for customer satisfaction, who has the means to get you your dream home in Vancouver and the surrounding area without wasting your time or money. He has expanded his area of practice to Richmond and New Westminster recently, and he is ready to give you the house you always wanted. If you’re interested in purchasing a house in Vancouver and the surrounding area, you can fill out the form below or use our contact info to keep in touch with us.

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