Vancouver was just rated as the 4th most pet-friendly cities in Canada. But we know that it’s important for pet owners to go that extra mile and find out exactly which neighborhoods in Vancouver are best for their pets’ health and happiness. There are a few factors to consider when determining these neighborhoods. Most importantly, the neighborhood should have a lot of greenery, i.e. being close to trails and parks, and the less car traffic, the better! In this post, we’ve brought to you 3 of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Vancouver and some info about them.



If you’re a pet lover living in Vancouver, chances are you’ve already heard about Kitsilano. With its many trails, off-leash areas and of course, beautiful sandy beaches, this beachfront neighborhood draws in dog-lovers from across the lower mainland every day. One of the most liked dog parks in the neighborhood is tucked between Kits Beach proper and the Planetarium. Hadden Park is an off-leash beach which is the happy destination of many little pups. Facing the west enables the park of offering one of the most beautiful sunset views in Vancouver. Other perks of this neighborhood are its many pet supply stores and dog-friendly stores that’ll let you get your baby in as soon as the baby is on a leash.

Kitsialno has a wide variety options for pet owners. From houses to townhomes and even small apartment buildings that are pet-friendly and can become the perfect home for you and your beautiful babies.



Not only is Point Grey the home to the University of British Columbia, it is also an amazing option for pet owners looking for the perfect neighborhood to live in. With a plethora of trails, beaches, and dog-friendly cafes and restaurants, this neighborhood is already very popular with pet owners.  Pacific Centre Park for instance, draws many visitors from the lower mainland area, especially on weekends.  Located in the University Endowment Lands, this trail has both on-leash and leash-optional areas, and has over 360,000 dog visitors yearly. On top of that, Point Grey has a lot of pet stores and clinics, and cafes and restaurants that let you bring your dog in with you.

Thanks to its location near UBC, Point Grey is a student area. Renters can look for hometowns and houses that are pet-friendly, but there are many apartments available too.



Mount Pleasant is generally a popular area due to the trendy small businesses and restaurants that line its streets. But it’s also a great neighborhood for you and your four-legged friend. Not only does the neighborhood have an abundance of greenery itself, but you’ll have quick access to great parks like Queen Elizabeth Park with a specific off-leash area, Jonathan Rogers Park, Guelph Park and Robson Park. Don’t forget about the unlimited trendy dog-friendly cafes and restaurants that are there, ready to welcome you and your friend too! Also keep in mind the countless supply stores there, such as Good Boy CollectiveTisol, and Discover Dogs.


Since Mount Pleasant is a residential neighborhood, there’s no shortage of pet-friendly properties in it. You can choose from older building or new projects, big houses or smaller apartments.


These were 3 of the most popular pet-friendly neighborhoods that you should definitely look into if you’re looking for a new home for you and your fury friend. Mani Ayoughi can help you find the best properties possible for you and will give you a deal with the most reasonable price tag. Give us a call for a consultation today!

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